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Dr Gabbita Srinivasa Shastri is a Doctrate in Pachadasa kriya (Pre and Post birth rites as per Apastamba Sutram). He is also a Veda Pandit in Krishna Yajurveda, and has completed Veda study through Guru Kula adhyayanam. He also has vast practical knowledge of all traditions. He performs through utmost devotion with knowledge of all texts and Vedic insights....
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If anybody wants his pujas of anytype any states person can come and do his pujas by experienced pandits
Hotel Booking
All the travellers can come to kashi and take all the facilities with worships in all the temples with hotel stay facilities
Katha Vachak and all types of religious pujaas's
Katha Vachak and all types of religious pujas's in mandir
Experienced Pandits
The pandits in cheap and best prices are available with highly experienced of years
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